My Policy

All images are the property of the photographer, Evan Winterberger. It is not only inconsiderate, but illegal to download, scan, copy, or reproduce my work in any manner without consent. This includes cropping out my watermark. If you would like it removed for printing, please ask.

As a professional photographer, I have complete control over the final product of my product by copywrite laws. If you change or scan my images in any way, it damages my reputation as a professional, and devalues the images quality that I strive to achieve with every photo.

ELite Images reserves the right to use the Developed images and photos for marketing and promotional purposes. All clients must sign a model release form that explains copyright information prior to their portrait session. Upon arrival I will have you sign that form.

I want you to have the best quality photos so you can have them forever, and cherish the memories you have. I strive for excellence with everything I do in my business. From photo quality to customer service, to having fun and bringing my talent to help the client capture the best of times.